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Frequently Asked Questions

 Student Loan Forgiveness:

A majority of the questions about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (P.S.L.F.) can be found on's FAQ page. The button below will direct you to the federal site where you can find a majority of the answers you need on this program.

For more information Click the link below and get answers from the source on the PSLF program. 

Q: Do I have to wait 10 Years to see if this works?

A: No, you can complete the TemPSLF form online as soon as you get a W2 and you can confirm how many qualifying payments you have towards your Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness. 

Q: How long will the PLSF program take before I get my student loans forgiven?

A: Each participant must make a minimum of 120 monthly income driven student loan payments while working full time for a qualifying non-profit. That means it will take a minimum of 10 years.

Q: Is there a guarantee this will work?

A: Yes, after the end of your first quarter of employment and the filing of form 941 by CHR you will be able to complete the PSLF Application which will give you proof your public service is moving you towards student loan forgiveness. 

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