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Community HealthCare Resources  

CHR Employee Guide 



We would like to congratulate you on becoming an employee of Community HealthCare Resources (CHR). Becoming an employee team member of this wonderful national 501c3 non-profit organization will deliver unprecedented rewards to your community, you, and your family. We hope that the transition into non-profit service is smooth, and we desire that you have a seamless integration.


Please check our website:  


Password: GreatDoc1 for an updated version of this CHR Employee Guide, forms and more CHR resources. 



  1. Job Description 

  2. Loan Consolidation and Payment  

  3. Bank Account for employment use IHMVCU 

  4. Payroll Arrangements  

  5. Donations 

  6. Annual Employment Certification  

  7. Care & Education 

  8. Help Other Providers  

  9. Affiliate Program

  10. Annual Requirements

  11. Videos and links 


  1. Job description:

    1. Fundraising (amount based on geographic area) using the bank account created by CHR for your employment use. Funds raised must be deposited by the 15th of every month. 

    2. Recruit a qualified practitioner to deliver free & reduced fee care ($500 value minimum per month) and education (one lecture per month, per clinic). 

    3. Record and report care recruited by you and produced under the license/insurance of a qualified provider. 

    4. Report the care provided by independent clinicians as well as proof of licensure and malpractice insurance. 

  2. Loan Consolidation and Payment:

    1. You are going to “Consolidated” your loans.

    2. Next elect to repay your loans on an “Income Driven Repayment” plan.

    3. The lowest payment program is “REPAYE”. This step will be completed by logging onto your student loan servicing center. 

    4. If you need help, go to for more information.   

  3. IHMVCU / CHR Bank Account:

    1. You will deposit the tax-deductible donations you raise as part of your employment into this account by the 15th of every month.

    2. Your monthly payroll will be paid out of this account by CHR.

    3. 100% of the donations can come from your business account (Pre-tax).

    4. Monthly donation amount based on geographic area and will be calculated by CHR.

      1. Bank Account set up.

        1. Login to www.chr/url/for/forms/page  

        2. Complete and return #2 “Bank Account Form” to

        3. You will receive a confirmation email asking you to electronically sign documents from IHMVCU within 72 hours.

        4. This document has a 48-hour deadline before needing to be reset by the bank. So, be on the Lookout! 

        5. Sign the electronic document that has been sent by the bank. You will need the passcode created by the bank and sent to you via email.

          1. The passcode is: your last name (first letter is capitalized) with the last 4 numbers of your social security number 

          2. Ex: Smith1234  

      2. Note: after completing this step you will receive an email that says your application is pending. Go to: 

        1. Complete the enrolment form 

          • During this step you will need: 

          1. Account number delivered by email from IH

          2. After the username and password are created online, please download the IHMVCU Mobile app from the app store to login to your account through the mobile platform.

          3. On the bottom of the app page: There are a few videos to help you become familiar with mobile banking through the IHMVCU app.  

      3. ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER: Many employees set up automatic bank transfer into the CHR/IH bank created for your use.

        1. To set up automatic Electronic Funds Transfer, the bank will assist but cannot do it for you. 

          1. For assistance with automatic Electronic Funds Transfer: 

          2. Call your bank, the one you wish to use to transfer funds from. They will help you establish either a recurring bill pay or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). 

          3. If needed call IHMVCU (309)793-6200 (The hours of operation are M-F 7am-7pm CST, Sat 8am-1pm CST) 

            1. Select option 3 (speak with an IH team member) 

            2. Then select option 2 (online banking and bill support) 

            3. Ask for help with External Funds Transfer set up.  

            4. Have your account information ready. 

        2. You must list Community HealthCare Resources as the recipient on all Electronic Funds Transfers. As a CHR employee you are a user on the account as CHR is the account owner. 

        3. Donation depositing is the only use for this IH/CHR bank account! 

  4. Payroll Arrangements  

    1. Gusto will send you an email to complete the required information through the mobile app and set up a direct deposit for your payroll check from CHR.

    2. Gusto has a mobile app you can download for simplicity.

  5. Train to get Donations  

    1. Rounding Payments up at the front desk: 

      1. Q:   “Your next appointment is set for Thursday at 4pm Steph. Hey Steph, does Doctor Smith do a good job for you?”   

      2. A:   “Absolutely”   

      3. Q:   “Would you mind rounding your payment up to the nearest dollar to help deliver care to families in our community that cannot afford it?”  

      4. A: “Sure, I’d be glad to help”  

      5. Most offices experience that about 75% of patients are willing to throw change in to help others and it adds up fast. After one or two times asking, most people will say with a smile, “Jean, you don’t have to ask, just throw it in”.   

    2. Grants: You may apply for grants. All grant funds must be reported to CHR management at Failure to report grant funding withing 30 days of award will result in termination of employment.

    3. Public donation generation: There are many different avenues to generate donations in the public domain and we would love new ideas that we can share.

      1. One avenue you can pursue is your local Sam’s Club & Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart’s & Sam’s Clubs have a $1,000.00-$1,500.00 grant per entity per store for non-profit organizations. Email for more information. 

      2. Spaghetti dinner

      3. 5k run

      4. Donation hearts

  6. Complete the Employment Certification form Yearly  

    1. Go to:   

    2. Complete the Employment Certification form each year. When you do this, it will automatically let you know how many of your student loan payments qualify you to move towards loan forgiveness through the PSLF program.  After making 120 qualifying payments you can apply for Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). This is the big reward we all work towards.  

  7. Care & Education

    1. Continue to recruit qualified practitioners to deliver free or reduced fee care ($500 value minimum per month) and education without charge

    2. Record the care given. (Date, CPT code and value of care given away).

    3. If you exceed the minimum that is awesome.

    4. The care given changes people's lives for generations and fulfils your public service requirement.  

  8. How to videos: 

    1. How to Record Care Delivered: 

    2. How to Calculate Fee Schedule:  

  9. Help other Providers  

    1. When you tell friends and help expand the free care, we deliver to the public we help you. For each practitioner you help get involved, we will subsidize a month of operational expenses (usually more as funds allow). Pay it forward and help your friends serve and get the rewards Community HealthCare Resources offers its employee providers.  

  10. Save Money through the Affiliate Program  

    1. Keep checking our website partner's page PARTNERS | ( as we add business partners to our list of affiliates that give you discounts for being a giving person. Saving money in your for-profit business is a bonus for helping others. You can save on things like a no processing fee to you, credit card processing terminal or 10% off digital marketing. As we add companies, we will keep you posted.  

  11. Annual Requirements due by January 15th

    1. Provide proof of CHR as additionally insured on your Malpractice insurance.

    2. Complete the Employment Certification. (See VI above).

    3. Email Care Reports to (See VII above).


Videos and links:

CHR Website  use Password: GreatDoc1 for members only access.

CHR Recruitment Video. 

CHR Employee Overview Video

How to Record Care Delivered: 

How to Calculate Fee Schedule:  

Patriot Project partnership video Home | Federal Student Aid 


Community HealthCare Resources 

Phone: 563-447-0772 


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