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Dr. Jay Johannsen

Executive Director

Dr. Jay Johannsen has been in the business of taking care of people since 1993 when he graduated from massage therapy school while completing undergraduate studies. With nearly 30 years of experience and delivering care regardless of ability to pay he has witnessed the change a little love can make. It was also from the kindness of others that he was able to find the resources needed to change his life. 

In the past he has been a motorcycle tour guide, martial arts practitioner, carpenter, real estate investor, white water rafter, cook, rock climber, van lifer, semi-professional bicycle racer, adventurer, follower and now leader.  

Dr. Johannsen is one of the founders of Community HealthCare Resources and now becomes Executive Director. His current mission as a volunteer is to grow the network of clinics, doctors and specialists for Community HealthCare Resources.  

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Joe Buser 

Operating Executive

Joe Buser was born in Illinois and resides in the Quad Cities area. Joe as always sought to create value for himself and others having started his own audio fabrication business by age 14. Mr. After spending 20 + years working as a union tradesman and project manager Joe decided to reinvent his life in 2020 by following a minimalist lifestyle. Paring down and stripping away the unnecessary Joe has freed his time to become Chief Operating Officer of Community HealthCare Resources. As leader of the “On-Boarding” department he is the bridge between the creation of new offices and the delivery of care to patients. 

Joe has had many interests in life having been a sky diver, Krav Maga instructor, triathlete, bicycle racer, runner, and motocross racer. He has had many injuries living life to its fullest and in 2015 due to a spinal injury doctors told Joe he would never compete again and that he should sell his bike and hang up his shoes as his body was not stable enough to safely engage in the activities he loved. When you meet Joe, you will rapidly realize he is a “find the answer” person.  

It is with this tenacity that Joe now serves the public good by finding the solutions to the infinite number of hurdles it takes to operate a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit organization. Only issue with Joe is, he cannot whistle.  

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Dr. Laura Price 

Financial Officer 

You have found her, the only girl in a gaggle of guys. It gets even weirder. Laura was born in Ireland, so obviously she has the gift of the gab. She moved to the US as a young child, and soon found that her upbringing was different than most. Traveling back and forth to Europe gave her a unique perspective on the world. She grew interested in healthcare and spent 15 years as a massage therapist, practicing in different countries. While living in Sardinia she decided to attend Palmer College so she could become a chiropractor. During her time at school, Laura reflected on her life and started to really want to help as many people as she could. She had seen so many people sacrifice everything for their healthcare costs at the end of their lives and decided there had to be a better way. Laura decided to join hands with a group of peers to create a non-profit so they can change the world. 

In her free time, Laura likes to try different restaurants. If you forget her name, just yell “free coffee and donuts” and she will definitely respond. 

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