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We Are
A Community of Changemakers

Be the Change!

The health of a community is only as strong as its weakest member. We stand for that member. We are potentialists and measure our results by the lives we help change.

Our Mission

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CHR Logo Transparent (3)_edited.png

  At Community HealthCare Resources Nonprofit our primary objective is the delivery of free health care services at no cost to the public. Our ten-year goal is to deliver sixty million dollars of care to the public per year by 2030 and fully fund 500 clinics delivering pro-bono care to the public. To achieve this, we recruit doctors to deliver care. In return after 10 years of service clinician/employees qualify for Public Service Student Loan Reduction (through the PLSF Program) which will retire portions of their remaining student loans. This allows doctors to return the value back to the public who funded their loans. We have the greatest confidence that our mutually beneficial non-profit structure will allow the greatest benefit for the public while reducing the burden of student loan debt which inhibits the ability of so many doctors to give to their communities. We believe this is the future. 

Immediate reward is offered those clinicians who give back to their communities in the form of the "Affiliate Business Program" This program is an ever-growing network of vendors that pass savings on to the CHR (Community HealthCare Resources) Subchapter operators as a reward for providing care to the public. This reduces operational expenses for the clinician allowing them more resources to help their community.

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